About us

ANKI USA, it’s an online shopping store based in USA. Any Gonzalez & Kikin Peñaloza, are the founders and co-owners of ANKI USA, a new concept created by two business-minded entrepreneur women dedicated to empowering the world with fashion and style.

Our main focus is simple but sophisticated for women of all ages. Our dominant style is the everyday day look but without forgetting to stay glam and classy.     

Our experience in the fashion and beauty industry for the last 5 years has taught us that women these days are, in some way, insecure of who they are and need that person that can help them understand that WOMEN = PERFECTION no matter what color, size or style you have. That is why Any y Kikin came together with the idea of ANKI, to help women enhance their inner and outer beauty. 

We would love to hear from our ANKI Dolls: info@ankiusa.com