ANKI USA was co-founded by Kristyn Peñaloza (aka Kikin) and Any González in 2016. The ANKI name itself is a combination of the co-founder’s names and was born out of an idea and desire to help young professional women not only dress for success, but also feel and look cute and sexy at the same time.

With time ANKI morphed into her own persona and alter ego found inside all of us. She represents fieriness, beautify, independence, femininity, and brains. ANKI also draws inspiration from the belief that women can do anything they set their minds to. This mantra has gone into the selection of every piece of the collections. ANKI pieces are meant to be versatile, so that you can dress them up or down, durable cause we know you are always on the go, and made of the best quality, because we know how hard you work!


Why did we take a break?  Well, as time went on, one the ANKI co-founders, Any, decided to step back from brand, and dedicate herself more to her family and prior commitments. It was a tough decision for Any, however she continues to cheer on the brand as its #1 ANKI doll! This transition left Kikin as the sole owner and with two choices; close the store or continue the dream to help empowering women. After taking a look at the past collections, flipping through the Instagram account and website, and seeing the community of sisterhood and support that was built by ANKI dolls from around the world; guess which direction Kikin took?

Well needless to say, it was your support and love that kept ANKI alive! ANKI is back and fiercer than ever with a brand-new spring collection inspired on new beginnings and a good vibes kind of attitude. Curious to see it?